Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Film Industry has found the Silver Valley

Growing up in an old mining town you might not expect to have many of the opportunities that other kids in larger cities enjoy. But in the Silver Valley there is a little slice of film making history going on. 

Across Bank Street has just wrapped on its second locally produced film production featuring the children of the Silver Valley.  From script to screen Nancy Hanks brought the entire film making process to kids from across the valley.  For more information on Across Bank Street and Dollhouse productions CLICK HERE.

December 21, 2014 is the world premiere of the latest Across Bank Street production "The Last Witch"

Plot Outline
When a witch from ancient Greek stories appears through the Bank Street portal a troubled foster kid may find the answer to his problem.

This 25 minute short movie is the second movie production involving the film community here in the Silver Valley. There are so many facets to making a movie, set construction, costumes, makeup, camera operation, lighting, physical and digital effects... the list goes on and on. Finding markets and obtaining revenue from these short movies will create much needed jobs. We've proven that we can make an excellent movie on the good will of the community and absolutely no budget. What if we had a budget?

The official movie T-shirt has gone on sale today. Funds from the sale of this shirt will go to continue the excellent opportunities provided to the kids of the Silver Valley to learn about film making and everything it takes to take an idea all the way to the Red Carpet.

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